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About Main Street Farm 

Founded in 2010, our ongoing commitment and direct relationships with local, small scale, sustainable family farms has been unwavering. We proudly offer Somewhere In Time Farm, Lucky Dog Farm, Tonjes Farm Dairy, Cowbella, Campanelli's Chicken Farm, Snowdance Farm, Slope Farms, Catskill Organic Chicken Farm, our own farm pork and eggs, and many more.  

Why Local?

It tastes better

Food that is grown closer to home has spent less time in transit and in warehouses so that it is fresher and tastes better.

It is better for you 

The farther that food has to travel, the more nutrients it loses. Locally grown food has more nutritional value.


It creates accountability

Farmers take responsibility for food that they sell directly to consumers. Consumers take comfort in knowing the source of their food.

It supports the local economy

Buying from local farmers is a way to sustain rural economies and make sure that small farming communities survive.


It protects the environment

Well-managed farms must have fertile soil and clean water. They maintain ecosystems that plants, animals and humans inhabit.

Neversink Farm at Main Street Farm
Main Street Farm, Market Cafe, Livingston Manor, NY Catskils
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